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[EN_141 Anti corrosion]

Fluoro Composites specializes in fluoropolymer (PTFE) based products.
PTFE/PFA  kevlar / carbon impregnated glass fibre, adhesive or non-stick. 

Technical adhesives : HD polyethylene tape with acrylic adhesive, PTFE tape with silicone adhesive, glass fibre with silicone adhesive, silicone coated glass fibre with silicone adhesive. 

Conveyor belts (Fluoropolymer or PFA based) on glass fibre/ Kevlar. 
Treatment of your PVC/PU conveyor belts by non stick and anti-mildew surface linings: easy to clean. 

Surface lining of metal parts (PTFE, FEP, PFA, Ceramics, ECTFE…), non-stick, anti-corrosion, lining of moulds and tools for all sectors of industry, non-stick coating the food processing industry.

Stratified glass fibre + fluoropolymer with or without copper foil (HF microwave circuits, hyperfrequency). 

Shaped PTFE parts

Anti-friction composites (slide bearings).