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[EN_141 Anti corrosion]

Non stick and self-lubrificating coatings


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Anti-corrosion :  Non-stick-treatment-2008.pdf


Properties : designed to facilitate cleaning, turning out, thanks to its non-stick properties, 

in the food processing industry and  pharmaceutics industres.

Makes removal of cooking-herdened oils and fats easy.


Applications for FC1-FC2 : heat-sealing and thermoforming organs, heating cylinders, solder bars, elements, iron sole plates, extrusion mandrels, hot stamping and transfer shapes and logos, photocopier rollers, tools… moulds, hoppers, dies, pulverizing nozzles, spouts, industrial parts for food processing and storage, cooking ustensils, meat grills, waffle irons, deep fryers, saucepans, filters, grills, sieves, gratings, cisterns and trays, suitable for coating small thermostatically-controlled domestic electric appliances, non-stick coatings for high temperatures, moulds for rubber, valves, carburettors, rollers, solenoid valve, switchgear, relays, bearings, dies, bearing blocks, rings, pump shafts, saw blades, shears, secateurs,knives, punches, transmission couplings, steering linkages, ventilator blades, sondes, refrigerating compresor parts, flask, bolts.


Applications for FC3 :  easy turning out in the presence of glue, rubber, plastic or particulary sticky products in the baking and confectionery industry. Unaffected by Xylène, Toluène and Glycol type solvent, but affected by strong solvents like ketones (MEK, DMF, NMP, GBL).


Applications for anti-sticking :  dry lubrification on heat-sensitive substrates to prevent mechanical or acoustic malfunction due to friction while reducing mechanical effort (washers, membranes, bellows and rubberised parts,…) 


Surface lining : On rubber and elastomer. Surface lining can be streched up to 200% without distortion. Others substrates : the most metals.




-          Aéronautics

-          Food processing

-          Household articles

-          Car industry

-          Rubber

-          Cardboard manufacture

-          Chemistry, petrochemistry

-          Boiler-making

-          Packaging

-          Fluids

-          Printing

-          Mécanics

-          Micro-électronics (FM approved)

-          Nuclear Energy

-          Paper manufacturing

-          Pharmaceutics

-          Plastics

-          Plumbing

-          Iron and steel industry

-          Textiles

-          Water treatment

-          Pneumatic transport

-          Piping

-          Valves

-          Glass