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[EN_141 Anti corrosion]



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Fluoronet : Technical-data-sheet-fluoropaint-english.pdf


Instructions for use



The surface must be sound and clean.

Types of surface: all metallic surfaces, plastic, thermoplastic, wood, rubber, concrete, all painted surfaces, acrylic paint, pliolite…

For treatment of floors, FLUOROPAINT® can be applied on : polyurethane, epoxy…

Mechanical properties: FLUOROPAINT® is very resistant to abrasion, it’s also very elastic and so 200% deformable; this characteristic allows it to be applied on flexible surfaces.




FLUOROPAINT® can be applied in different ways :

  • brush
  • roller (varnish roller in order to avoid air bubbles on smooth surfaces)
  • spray gun (Airless with diameter from 1.6 to 1.8)


            Drying time : 3 hours on average after application, according to temperature and rate of hydrometry.

            However, film is at optimum after 72 hours.

            Covering capacity : 6 to 9 m² according to porousity of surface.

            Humidity: if there is a risk of rising damp, do not apply to the bottom 15 to 20 cms.

            If only one coat is applied, we advise a minimum of 40 to 50 microns.

            In places which are frequently tagged or subjected to great mechanical stress, we advise applying at least

            two coats of between 30 to 40 microns minimum.

            Applying 2 coats: the second coat must be applied as soon as the first is dry to the touch and within 4 hours

            to allow it to fix on to the first coat.


FLUOROPAINT® must be diluted with our FC/DIL/AB thinner/retardant for application by spray gun (maxi 20% of totality of A + B).




If the basic surface is too porous, apply first ours primers (see list of references) before the first coat of FLUOROPAINT®.

In the surface is too smooth (enameled tiling, some polished surfaces such as marble…), apply fixer FC/FIX/001 ou  FC/FIX/003  as undercoat “wetting” the surface with the fixer. You can apply FLUOROPAINT® after 10 minutes.

On the concrete or roughcast, apply first waterproof primers (see list of references) to seal the porous surface. You can apply FLUOROPAINT® after 24 hours.



FLUOROPAINT® is an anti-tag, anti-graffiti product, but also non-stick, anti-dust, anti-corrosion and anti-mildew, resistant to acid rain and other atmospheric interference…

The basic product is gloss. But FLUOROPAINT® exists in matt or satin to retain the appearance of the surface treated.



Tools used must be cleaned with thinner FC/SOL/NET (FP 84).

We advise to clean tools immediatly after application of product.


NOTA : Never use this product to dilute FLUOROPAINT®, use FC/DIL/AB retardant.





Standard packagin : metallic can of 1/2.5/5/10/20/30/60 Litres.   

However, to specific order, packaging can be flexible.

According to packagings ordered, we enclose hardening catalysts corresponding to the initial packaging ordered for FLUOROPAINT®.



Once open, FLUOROPAINT® must be used immediately in its entirety. Its airtight packaging has been purposely designed to avoid any interaction with air.


FLUOROPAINT® can not therefore be reused once opened (reaction with air and catalysts).

Before use, we strongly advise our custumers to make sure that our product is exactly suited to the application it is intended for. We cannot be held liable if this is not the case.


For further details, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department.




  • The surface must be sound and clean
  • FIXATEUR 003 fixes FLUOROPAINT® on the following surfaces: steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminium, glass, ceramics, tiles…



FIXATEUR 003 can be applied in different ways :

  • brush (flat brush)
  • roller (varnish roller  to avoid air bubbles on smooth surfaces)
  • spray  gun (low pressure with tips of diameter from 1.6 to 1.8 for small surfaces) for large surfaces to be covered rapidly (anti-noise walls), we advise you to use  the Airless type with tips of diameter from 2.5 to 3 and a pressure of 25 bars.
  • We advise you to apply with a non-fluffing cloth, impregnated with  FIXATEUR 003 and in a single application to lightly wet the surface.


Drying time : containing volatile solvents, the fixer dries almost immediately. Leave to dry  5 minutes, and apply FLUOROPAINT®, within 30 minutes, on the surface treated with  FIXATEUR 003. We advise 2 coats of FLUOROPAINT® on this type of surface.


            Covering capacity : 8m² per litre   



            Standard packaging : cans of 1 / 2.5 / 5 litres.          

NOTE : Unopened,  FIXATEUR 003 can be kept for 1 month. Keep securely closed after using.