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[EN_141 Anti corrosion]


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Surface Lining :  File-pub-aerogel-english.pdf


Permanent Protection Aeronautics Sector : AEROGEL TYPE


  • Anti-icing
  • Dust-repellent
  • anti-corrosion
  • Protection against hydraulic oils





- Exists in :

Transparent matt, transparent satin, transparent gloss, pigmented (according to RAL requested).


- Applications :

  • On all untreated or painted surfaces (plastic, wood concrete, metal…)
  • On all porous, enamelled surfaces or on some plastics such as PEHD or P.P. A specific primer is to be applied beforehand.
  • Equipment: brush, roll, spray gun

- Maintenance and protection:

  • Airplane Engines
  • Fan col and reverse
  • Aircraft wings
  • Lading edge and trailing edge on aircraft fuselage
  • Undercarriage trap door and underbelly tools.
  • Footbridges, Sovam boom lifts, moving staircases, air-conditioning units, Hydraulic cylinders, tracma, floors and walls of maintenance workshop, etc…  


- Advantages :

  • An pearl effect avoids icing and all consequences (immobilisation, overrun cost of fuel and weight, danger to people from damage during transport, consumption and discharging Propylene Glycol types of anti-freeze products…
  • Shorter interventions and needs cleaning less often.
  • Anti-corrosion protection mainly as regards hydraulic oils (15 days immersed in Skyrol Liquid without any degration.)
  • Anti-mildew and anti-bacteria.

- Properties :

  • Resistance to fire : M1
  • Certified suitable for contact with food
  • Extension + 200 %
  • Temperature from - 70 °C to + 90 °C
  • High resistance to attack by chemicals, abrasion, UVs and ageing.