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[EN_141 Anti corrosion]


1491 Route de Vielle - 40320 Saint Loubouer (France)
Tél : (33) 5 58 71 76 56


Fluoro Composites: specializes in fluoropolymer (PTFE) based products;PTFE/PFA impregnated glass fiber,Kevlar/carbon,adhesive or non-adhesive. Technical adhesives: HD polyethylene film with acrylic adhesive,PTFE tape with silicone adhesive,glass fibre with silicone adhesive,silicone coated glass fibre with silicone adhesive. conveyor belts (fluoropolymer or PFA based). Surface lining of metal parts ( PTFE, FEP, PFA, Ceramics, ECTFE…) Stratified fiberglass + fluoropolymer with or without copper foil (HF microwave circuits). Shaped PTFE parts…Anti-friction composites (slide bearings). We specialize in bringing you technical solutions to your problems of adherence,attack by chemicals,corrosion,temperature,difficult to clean and food processing anvironnemnts.