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[EN_141 Anti corrosion]

Architectural fabrics


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Technical films and fabrics :        Architectural-fabrics-technical-data-sheet.pdf


Higher specific strength than steel, excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, to ultraviolet radiation, to attack by chemicals, excellent non-stick properties and certified incombustible (Building Standard Law).

- Advantages of our fabrics

For architectural structures :(fixed, mobile, suspended, taut, flexible and inflatable)

- Lower construction costs :

The weight of the fabrics is 1/30th less than that of a steel roof, which reduces needs in foundation work and supporting walls as well as in construction time.

- Lower energy costs :

Thanks to their high capacity to reflect the light of the sun without absorbing its light or heat, our fabrics diffuse a comfortable, moderate light which does not cast shadows, while avoiding thermal bridges.

- Self-cleaning properties : Our fabrics are coated with water-proof and non-stick fluoroplastics.

Dust and pollutants do not stick to our fabrics and are easily washed away by rain and wind. The structure remains clean and translucent.

- The creation of a large flexible :

Space, fixed or mobile :

As our fabrics can cover large spaces without internal support parts, greater creativity is possible in design and use of space. Their flexibility and airproofness provide excellent sound absorption.



- Applications :

Multi-purpose stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming-pools, tennis courts, shopping malls, restaurants, shopping arcades, exhibition centres, theatres, convention halls, aquariums, botanical gardens, bus terminals, airport terminals, station platforms, factories, research buildings, treatment facilities, warehouses, greenhouses.