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Baking sheet


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NON-STICK BAKING SHEET (- 60°C to + 280°C)

















Uses: Electric oven, Microwave, Pierrade.

Recommended for : Cooking small savoury pastries, 

croissants, pizzas, short and flaky pastry, fish, meat, oven chips,

biscuits, cookies, meringues, toffe, thin sweet biscuits,

chocolate and cake decoration, etc.).      

Easy to clean : wipe with a damp sponge after use. Anti-mildew-treated to ensure absolute hygiene.

Economical :

  • Can easily be cut with scissors.
  • Cook the stickiest foods without changing their original taste (approved for contact with food; no paraffin transferred to food)
  • No more need to store greaseproof paper.

Product Quality :

  • Thanks to its non-stick qualities and resistant weft it can be used for making and rolling out short and flaky pastry.
  • Thanks to its heat resistance up to 280°C, you can use your talents and creativity  working with hot chocolate and toffe.
  • No shrinkage or dilation of the sheet.


 Instructions :

  • Place food on the sheet (release cooking application necessary).
  • Place in electric oven, in microwave, or on the pierrade.

The cooked food comes away very easily.

Warning :

  • Do not cut foods on the sheet.
  • Avoid all direct contact with flames. Do not leave the sheet in the oven during the "self-cleaning" programme.
  • Do not use at temperatures of above 280°C.
  • Never fold or crease (put away in its case).